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little bits of everything + my workspace 

~ ramen & coffee boba & ridiculously soft, furry lawns 
Yesterday I hung out with ashariser (petting the grass), she’s leaving soon so I’m trying to hang with her as much as I can bc she’s the loveliest and radiates wonderfulness everywhere. 

I’m watching a whole lotta movies lately. I would provide some valuable quotes or something but it will be a lot of hysterical screaming, shooting, eerie music and crying. I’ll post some screenshots later instead.
Anyways, I’ve started to pack my stuff (finally). 

the print studio

punch-drunk love & ginger snaps
Today was a very slow, yellowy hazy day. I arrived at print workshop feeling like a poached egg bc traffic was the absolute worst. My only consolation: watching pretty cool graffiti pass by on the freights of union pacific.

long time no postin’!
~ At some point I’ll have to snap out of hopeless daydreams and move on with my life. I’ve been stuck in a very bad rut this year, still gets difficult sometimes. However, I’ve moved into an apartment! but I’m flying out soon and I haven’t packed bc I much rather be in printmaking workshop nowadays. I’m currently working on a lithograph and finishing up a copper plate etching. I have fallen in love with prints… unfortunately tho, this is a one sided relationship, print dun love me back.  

I was searching around a street art flickr pool and came across two wheatpaste pieces I made about 2 years ago in austin tx. One was a frog and the other was a very crude rendition of Mucha's illustrations. Both were the first pieces I'd ever put up on a wall so it was pretty nice to see how they turned out after some time passed.

Photo credits: Andrew Lucchesi  & penguin fotos

here is my favorite thing, a monk-scribe on a dragon
Van Gogh’s sketch of cypresses 
9°C ~ 7°C  today…